Travel Payouts Review [2022] – Is It Travel Payout Affiliate Network Good Enough?

Travelpayouts 2022 Review

If you are looking for the best content regarding the Travelpayouts then you are at the right place to get the complete information about the Travel Payout Affiliate Network Market.

Travelpayouts is used to monetize travel traffic and it comes under an affiliate network. Almost, it covers over 80 affiliate programs where traveling person can monetize their traveling blog. It allows us to share our details over the Facebook group, or other sources of travel traffic.

Travel Payouts Affiliate Program Bio

Before jumping into the main article, let us have a look at what is Travel Payouts? When it is started and where it is located, a lot of information about TravelPayout company is below.

In 2011, TravelPayouts company was launched but in the starting days of the company established it was not a network, but it is the affiliate program of JetRadar.

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From 2014 onwards, TravelPayouts started to add more additional affiliate programs in their list, and initially, it was the first Kiwitaxi program and this way this how the Travel Payouts company was transformed from an Affiliate program to a network. Currently, it is engaged with more over 80 affiliate programs available in their network.

If we go a little deep about the company, it has more than 270,o00 webmasters throughout the world who have joined to the Travel Payouts network. As company offered suitable webmasters for both international and local companies and the main advantage here. There are some tools are available from Travel Payouts that allow translation into the 59 languages around the world.

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Travel Payouts Affiliate Programs Video

If you are looking for a video about the Travel Payouts Affiliate programs and full details like how to start and how to register. We kindly request to you watch the below-mentioned video for your reference to get more clarification about the Travel Payouts company affiliate program.

Sign Up for the Travel Payouts Website

  1. Enter your mail id.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click on create account.


After doing the registration, each individual will get some granted access to their account either he or she which are mentioned in the below list

  • Affiliate tools
  • Statistics
  • Complete list of affiliate programs.
  • Blog newsfeed.
  • Useful courses
  • Account management options
  • Promotional codes.
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If you go to the dashboard options, you will be able to find the affiliate programs. Keep noted that each affiliate program has it own list of tools which are available and API access are included.

Travel payouts personal dashboard will allows us to fully customizable the widgets and other tools. For example, you may change the size, color and other parameters as you wanted.


Travel Payouts company website is designed so that main payment is made once a month in between 10th and 20th.

Payment MethodMin Payout Amount
Bank transferEUR 400
USD 500
PayPalEUR 40
USD 50

The company is offering two modes of payout options to the online associated persons. One is Bank Transfer where you can add your bank details to transfer the amount which you are earned and a minimum payout EUR 400 or USD 500. The second one is Paypal account is also like same as bank transfer only.

Previously, ePayments were also available for payouts options but it is not available for the payouts. Only bank transfer and PayPal options are available. Kindly note that the minimum payout amount includes across all affiliate programs.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Outside there are some affiliate programs are available in the tourism niche but the Travel Payouts is the only one for travel affiliate program for the travellers. Let’s check the pro’s and cons of this service.


  • Free training for affiliates
  • Prompt support service
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Unique tools
  • Several ways to receive payouts.
  • A single account for managing all affiliate programs.
  • Large selection of affiliate programs.


  • Tools in 59 languages ​​are only available through the JetRadar program (flight meta-search service), while the rest of the affiliate programs offer tools in a smaller number of languages.
  • Some of the advertisers’ websites are only available in English

How to do Affiliate Program work & earn money with TravelPayout

This is one place for travelers to earn online money where advertisers and webmasters are both available. For earning online money, you need ravel traffic which you can drive to advertisers’ websites from.

  • Facebook Groups
  • Blogs
  • Youtube Channels
  • Other traffic sources.

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