75+  Web Hosting List

Do you know which are the most famous host list throughout the world, then don’t worry, we are here to provide you the most 75 plus web hosts list which is the most trustable and affordable web hosting services in the current web hosting market.

For the data, we collect the list of 75 top-ranked web hosting companies as per the Alexa website records. 

How Alexa will collect the rankings work? this is your doubt right! Alexa Ranking data will be collected from users who have Alexa Toolbar installed. Let’s dig into the details about of most famous 75 hosting websites worldwide

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1 – Hostgator.com

  • Hostgator.com is one of the best website hosting services in the current hosting market
  • It provides Website Hosting Services, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers to its clients. 
  • As we know that it is a leading provider of website hosting and move over 9,000,000 websites are working with the hostgator.com

2 – Godaddy.com

  • Godaddy.com is the world’s largest domain name registration company. N of domain names got registered there. 
  • It is very simple for the customers to makes registering domain names fast and in a simple way, the prices are so affordable.
  • So many business owner’s opinions is Godaddy.com was the most trusted hosting services and 24/7 support is available.  

3 – Bluehost.com

  • Very fast and best web hosting company, it not less than a professional website hosting services. 
  • Bluehost is one the largest and most trusted web hosting services added the millions of websites. 
  • We can strongly recommend to you join Bluehost.com and get a free domain name there. 

4 – Ipage.com

  • Ipage.com was started in 1998 year, it is an unlimited hosting with free domain names & website hosting. 
  • Ipage has been a leader in the website hosting service industry to offering fast and very affordable unlimited hosting service along with free domain names at very interesting prices. 

5 – Webhostingtalk.com

  • If you come from the largest and most influential web hosting community then we are at the right one name called Webhostingtalk.com hosting service. 
  • It is one of the most famous web hosting related to the cloud hosting community on the internet.
  • It provides web hosting including managed hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting 

6 – Inmotionhosting.com

  • Inmotionhosing.com web hosting services offers web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller hosting. 
  • It is one of the top-rated business hosting providers for small and medium companies who are looking for the minimum affordable web hosting prices to create one website for business. 
  • These days, Inmotionhosting offering Shared hosting as well, you can check out those offers as well. 

7 – Softlayer.com

  • Softlayer web hosting is built to give you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. 
  • Softlayer.com hosting company servers mostly for cloud servers, storage, big data, and more IAAS solutions. 
  • It is one platform that integrates and automates everything. 

8 – Reverbnation.com

  • Reverbnation.com is more reliable for Artists and it is the most suitable web hosting service for those who are running music companies or music websites. 
  • Connecting millions of artists with the music industry through career management and online marketing tools. 

9 – Homestead.com

  • Get an affordable price site, get found famous, get good customers at Homestead web hosting services. 
  • It’s very user-friendly to create a site with our award-winning website building software. 
  • Easy to use the tools who have small business websites. 

10 – Site5.com

  • Site5 Web hosting gives free 30 days trial + choose your location and get the offer with Site5 web hosting services. 
  • It offers the best customer services 24/7 along with amazing web hosting services. 
  • Moreover, 30,000 websites are working with the Site5.com hosting company currently. 
  • You can pick the free 30 days trial according to your location wise. 

11 – Linode.com

  • It is famous for SSD Cloud Hosting and very cheap prices you can check out there. 
  • Very quick deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. 
  • Within seconds, get a server running with your choice Linux distro, node location, and resources. 

12 – Fatcow.com

  • Fatcow.com web hosting website provides both web hosting and domain name registration.
  • Fatcow is mostly suitable for small and medium businesses and individuals. 
  • You can choose both web hosting and domain name at a single shot at FatCow hosting. 

13 – Dreamhost.com

  • Coming to Dreamhost.com, it will provide Web Hosting, Domains, VPS Dedicated and WordPress hosting for reasonable prices. 
  • In the field of shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, Dreamhost is the leading hosting service provider. 

14 – Liquidweb.com

  • Liquidweb hosting is best for managed dedicated server hosting and managed VPS hosting
  • Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Hosting, Web Hosting & Cloud Servers with Linux or Window backed. 

15 – Web.com

  • Web.com web hosting services are mostly targeted to small business websites.
  • Folks who are looking for affordable web hosting prices can check out the Web.com hosting services. 
  • If you can improve your online presence with online marketing services then you can switch to the Web.com hosting provides and get exciting offers at reasonable prices. 

16 – He.net

  • He.net is mostly for Hurricane Electric Internet Service
  • It is the internet backbone and colocation provider

17 – Ixwebhosting.com

  • Here, you can check out both web hosting services and domain registration names along with reasonable prices. 
  • It mostly provides Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting. 
  • Pick any domain name and get registered at ixwebhosting web service. 
  • You can also check out the Cloud Hosting, and Virtual Private Servers.
  • These services are providing by Ixwebhosting.com at affordable and reliable prices for web hosting and 24/7 winning support. 

18 – Rackspace.com 

  • Over 2,00,000 businesses got registered and trusted the Rackspace company. 
  • It can manage your cloud services and you can run your business very easily. 
  • Rackspace.com can design, build, and run the best cloud for your needs and back up it on regular basis. 
  • Coming to the support, it has fanatical support. 

19 – Nexcess.net 

  • Nexcess.net web hosting is the supreme web hosting company since 2000
  • It is a special, highly-optimized environment for magneto hosting and WordPress hosting. 
  • It provides Magento Hosting, WordPress Web Hosting. 

20 – Netfirms.com

  • Mostly, you can check at Netfirms.com hosting websites like web hosting services and domain name registrations. 
  • The client can easily search the domain name and can pick the needed web hosting services that the client wanted. 
  • Small and medium scale businesses can check out the Netfirms for affordable web hosting and domain name prices. 
  • Netfirms.com web hosting offers more additional business services such as domain registrations, email accounts, web services, frontpage help, online community resources, and various small business solutions. 

21 – Siteground.com

  • If you ask which one is the most trusted web hosting service, surely can say it is Sitegorund hosting.
  • It has completed more than 2,50,000 domains and increasing more day by day. 
  • Coming to the support, it will available on 24/7 support. 
  • It has quality crafted hosting services for top speed, unmatched security, fast support with quick replies. 

22 – Ipower.com

  • Both domain names and web hosting are available at Ipower. 
  • It is very affordable for small business
  • In addition, clients can get such email accounts, online community resources, and various small business solutions. 

23 – Moonfruit.com

  • Moonfruit.com offers a free website builder where you can make your own website easily.
  • Client can also make a free website or online shop with the help of Moonfruit free website builder. 
  • Client no need of coding skills and hosting, start a website today, it’s easy. 

24 – Myhosting.com

  • It offers VPS hosting, Virtual Servers, & Hosted Exchange
  • Very Affordable VPS hosting, domain name registrations
  • It provides web hosting services for all sizes of businesses. 

25 – Fasthosts.co.uk

  • It has a free website builder, make a free website with hosting
  • No coding skills are required for Fasthosts
  • Create a free website with professionally designed website templates with free web hosting
  • The free website builder is easy to use to make your website. 

26 – Freewebs.com

  • Folks can check out the Domain names, email, and web hosting along with dedicated servers, VPS as well
  • It offers a full range of affordable prices to its clients on domain name registrations, email hosting, reseller web hosting, and many more. 

27 – Interserver.net

  • Interserver.net web hosting company offers reasonable prices to clients
  • It provides web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.
  • Interserver provider is one of the world-class web hosting companies with dedicated servers and internet service. 

28 – Hostdime.com

  • Hostdime.com has managed dedicated servers and managed cloud hosting.
  • It provides managed dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, colocation, VPS, and cloud hosting.
  • It’s Orlando Florida data center.  

29 – Pair.com

  • Pair web hosting company was a very reliable web hosting provider.
  • Pair.com networks offer web hosting, fully managed dedicated hosting, domain registrations, colocation, virtual private servers, and other internet services. 
  • It is suitable for small, medium, and big businesses. 

30 – Lunarpages.com

  • Lunarpages hosting provider suitable for business and personal web hosting plans. 
  • It has dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise web hosting plans, VPS hosting. 
  • Lunarpages hosting offers free tools, free setup, and an uptime guarantee. 
  • Folks can check out the best business hosting offers, VPS hosting, exchange email hosting, and cloud hosting, SEO

31 – Names.co.uk

  • This is complete for web hosting, name registration domains.
  • The names co uk web hosting is so affordable prices, you can choose your favorite choice. 
  • All you will get the free personalized email and friendly.
  • The client will have support 7 days a week. 

32 – Reverbnation.com

  • Reverbnation.com web hosting mostly suits Artists.
  • It was connecting millions of Artists with the music industry through career management.
  • Other online marketing tools, A&R capabilities & industry relationships since 2006.

33 – Liquidweb.com

  • The best web hosting was the first place for managed dedicated server hosting and managed VPS hosting.
  • It directly offers the managed dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, web hosting & cloud servers.
  • It mostly affordable for those who are looking for managed web hosting platforms. 

34 – Ixwebhosting.com

  • The Ixwebhosting platform will offer shared, VPS, and cloud hosting.
  • It has domain registration services, cloud hosting, and virtual private servers. 
  • Everyone got you covered with affordable, reliable web hosting and award-winning support. 
  • Most suitable for business and personal hosting. 

35 – Interserver.net

  • Interserver.net web hosting services provide world-class web hosting, dedicated servers, and internet services. 
  • If you are looking for affordable services on web hosting, you can check out interserver web hosting services as the best option. 

36 – Pair.com

  • Pair.com is the related pair networks and world-class web hosting. 
  • Most reliable web hosting provider, pair network offers on web hosting, fully managed dedicated hosting, domain name registration, virtual private servers, colocation, and other internet services. 
  • It is the most reasonable price for web hosting. 

37 – Lunarpages.com

  • It is the best platform for enterprise and individual businesses. 
  • Clients can check out the Enterprise web hosting with reasonable plans, dedicated hosting offers, and very affordable cloud hosting. 
  • Free tools, free setup, and uptime guarantee. 
  • It offers VPS hosting, exchange email hosting, cloud hosting, SEO, and web design packages. 

38 – Tripod.lycos.com

  • You can build a free website with web hosting. 
  • Using Tripod.lycos.com web hosting build a free website with our easy use. 
  • Choose web hosting, domain registration, email, and much more services for your plans. 

39 – Hivelocity.net

  • Services more like Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, and Virtual Machines. 
  • Hivelocity offers to their clients a variety of products on dedicated servers, cloud servers, virtual machines, colocation, along custom solution. 

40 – Doteasy.com

  • Doteasy.com web hosting offers 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • It offers web hosting and domain name registrations. 
  • A client can get 100GB SSD storage, unlimited data transfer.
  • Mainly, the email accounts starting at just $4.95/month.
  • Free domain on your web hosting registration. 

41 – Eukhost.com

  • Eukhost.com is basically a UK web hosting service provider since 2001. 
  • You will get 24*7 live web hosting support. 
  • It is affordable for UK servers and domain name registrations.

42 – Datarealm.com

  • Datarealm.com web hosting is mostly secure web hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting.
  • It offers the most web hosting services like cloud servers. 
  • Datarealm hosting servers offer affordable web hosting packages including cloud servers, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, unlimited hosting, and starter hosting packages. 

43 – Intermedia.net

  • It is the most trusted Microsoft exchange hosting solution. 
  • Hosting servers with full customer support 24*7 services. 
  • It has other services advanced security, expert migration, mobile sync for smartphones and tablets.
  • Bit higher prices for web hosting plans. 

44 – Somee.com

  • It has VPS/VDS hosting and ASP.Net MVC hosting. 
  • Somee.com is the free ASP.Net hosting. 
  • Somee.com offers the most exciting offers for ASP.Net 1.1 2.o 3.o 4.o 4.5 web sites and MS SQL 2000 2005 2008 2012 databases with free and affordably priced hosting packages. 

45 – Dotster.com

  • Dotster hosting offers good plans for small and medium business web hostings
  • Including business services like domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, frontpage help, online community resource, and various small business solutions. 

46 – Web4africa.net

  • It has web hosting, domain name registrations, web design
  • Web4africa web hosting was available in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa.
  • Web4africa hosting includes VPS hosting, domain name register, and leading web hosting plan offers. 

47 – Powweb.com

  • Powweb is the web hosting services and nice prices. 
  • It has one plan, one price for web hosting, domain names, and email services. 
  • It has most affordable for either small and medium business websites or personal web site. 
  • Many web hosting review sites ranked those using powweb hosting offers.

48 – Westhost.com

  • Westhost hosting provider was suitable for both professional web host & website hosting company. 
  • It is a very professional web hosting company and many clients are using the westhost service provider. 
  • Westhost host offers professional and affordable website hosting plans. 
  • We can give advice now and host your site with WestHost today.

49 – X10hosting.com

  • X10hosting web hosting has over 10,64,000 members are working. 
  • It offers unlimited free and premium web hosting for 10 years. 
  • It is based in the United States. 

50 – Eteamz.com

  • Eteamz.com web hosting has free website design and website hosting.
  • It has youth sports website templates, so start to join with the Eteamz host. 
  • With the help of the Eteamz.com hosting company has the leading website builder for teams, leagues, and clubs. 
  • It has 50 fun free website templates and posts news, game, and practice schedules. 
  • If you join with eteamz, you can choose from 50 fun free website templates. 

51 – Webhostingstuff.com

  • It has good reviews and ratings about web hosting stuff web host. 
  • Moreover, 18,500 web services have joined this company. 
  • It most popular web hosting directory featuring 18,443 hosting companies and the top 10 best web hosting charts. 

52 – Hypermart.net

  • Hypermart.net web host has joined mostly with small and medium businesses. 
  • It mostly offers web hosting services, domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, frontpage help, online community resources, and various small business solutions. 

53 – Verio.com

  • It has web hosting plans & domain name registration. 
  • Create a crazy website with hosted solutions from verio. 
  • It is the best website hosting provider voted by clients. 
  • They have offers like domain name registration, website hosting services, and hosted Microsoft Exchange Business, Email Plans.

54 – Tigertech.net

  • It doesn’t have any setup fees or long-term contracts required. 
  • Tigertech.net web hosting offers web hosting services starting at 8.95$ per month including a free domain name. 
  • It is a reliable web hosting with a free domain name. 

55 – Webhostingbuzz.com

  • It has web hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting services. 
  • Webhostingbuzz hosting services including shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated servers, and more from webhostingbuzz. 

56 – Jaguarpc.com

  • It is one of the best web hosting platforms which was a highly trusted website. 
  • It offers Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
  • It is one of the leading VPS Hosting providers throughout the world. 
  • Since 1998, it was existed and offering the most attractive packages to clients. s
  • Exceptional service, affordable web hosting plans, daily backups, free domain transfer, and much more available at Jaguarpc Web Hosting

57 – Globat.com

  • Globat is a very affordable web hosting platform for both small and medium business.
  • Most suitable for e-commerce web sites. 
  • Very reliable and affordable web hosting packages.

58 – Atlantic.net

  • It providers VPS hosting and HIPAA hosting. 
  • It was established in 1994, so more 25+ company offers best-hosting services to their clients. 
  • Those are looking for the HIPAA hosting to business around the globe can reach out at www.atlantic.net. 

59 – Ewebguru.com

  • It is one of the best hosting companies at the current competition
  • Moreover, 50,000 websites are joined to the Ewebguru.com
  • Coming to the Indian clients, we recommend joining the Ewebguru web hosting. 
  • You can check out the web hosting services and domain registration names at ewebguru hosting provider
  • It offers Linux hosting, windows hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting. 

60 – Tierra.net

  • Tierra web hosting offers SSL certificate as well. 
  • Put yourself on the web, join with the Tierra.net web hosting.
  • It offers ICANN-accredited domain registration. 
  • It is the best hosting provider for eCommerce solutions. 

61 – Hostmysite.com

  • Hostmysite web hosting offers shared hosting for small businesses, secure hosting with 24/7 support. 
  • PHP MySQL, 3GB storage space and 100GB traffic. 
  • This is the best place to host your small business website or personal website at hostmysite host. 

62 – Yellowpipe.com

  • It provides cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Windows & Linux website hosting. 
  • Yellowpipe is for small businesses website sack, you can try once. 
  • Dedicated servers are available there. 

63 – Discountasp.net

  • You can see that ASP.NET hosting, ASP Hosting, SQL Hosting, MVC, Windows 2012
  • It is one of the leaders of ASP.NET hosting. 
  • Asp.net hosting supporting all versions of ASP.NET, discount ASP.NET is the developer’s choice in ASP.NET Hosting. 

64 – Aplus.net

  • Are you looking to get web hosting and domain name registration then do check out the Aplus web hosting. 
  • As per the business hosting plans start at just $9.95/month.
  • You get started today to picking the best offers and plans for your business.

65 – Netatlantic.com

  • Email Marketing Solutions & Services 
  • Net Atlantic is especially for Email Marketing for experts. 

66 – Hostforweb.com

  • Hostforweb.com web hosting provider offers dedicated servers, managed cloud, and ssdVPS servers. 
  • Host for web is the one of the top web hosting services which include managed web hosting services, Linux VPS hosting, cloud hosting. 

67 – Netelligent.ca

  • It has dedicated servers, colocation Canada, cloud service
  • Netelligent.ca web hosting provider specializes in dedicated servers, colocation, cloud solutions, and hosting services. 
  • You can easily configure your hosting in minutes. 

68 – Omnis.com

  • It has dedicated services and the best plans for your businesses. 
  • Get started to host your website at Omnis Network. 

69 – Rimuhosting.com

  • It provides fast, reliable Linux VPS and dedicated servers. 
  • Rimuhosting servers are a great fit for every sites running on Java, Ruby on Rails or exotic setups like nodejs, django, Erlang. 

70 – Hostsearch.com

  • It is the most famous web hosting platform
  • Here, clients can find the best web hosts with reviews and special offers. 
  • Before going to buying the web hosting plans, read the hosting reviews first and pick your favorite one. 

71 – Rosehosting.com

  • It offers low cost managed Linux VPS with 24/7
  • It is completed US-based Linux Admin Support, free weekly backups, free website migration, free DirectAdmin, and 100% uptime since 2001

72 – Tunescoop.com

  • Tunescoop.com web hosting platform for the music businesses. 
  • Free hosting services and free websites. 
  • Search and find the best plan, choose the correct domain name, web hosting plan
  • Get started from today. 

73 – Freeservers.com

  • Choose a free web hosting and a free website or premium hosting services at freeservers web hosting. 
  • Find a solution for your business and get started working with the Freeservers web hosting provider. 

74 – Hostdepartment.com

  • Hostdepartment web hosting offers the best-unlimited web hosting service under shared, Reseller, and VPS platforms. 
  • Unlimited Web Hosting, VPS, and Reseller Plans by the host department. 

75 – Zeolag.com

  • It has Magento Hosting and Managed Hosting
  • Zerolog is based on managed hosting for enterprise software and e-commerce. 
  • Zerolog is a Magento Enterprise Platinum Hosting Partner, Dell Cloud Preferred cloud hosting vendor, and Microsoft silver hosting partner. 

76 – Hosting.com

  • Hosting.com web hosting is provided Managed Cloud Services and Hosting Cloud Computing.
  • Hosting provides companies with transparent, always-on-compliant managed cloud solutions. 

These are the most friendly and very reasonable prices for web hosting platforms, if you are looking for the best services then check out these lists. 

It will definitely help you to get the list of web hosting provides at the current market. 

Counting on, we are working and collecting the information and will update daily.