Top 5 Web Hosting Providers In India 2021

Well, my friends, I am here to tell you about the 5 best web hosting providers in India in 2021, if you are really looking for the best hosting provider in India then this post is for you. 

It will so useful to find out the best hosting provider in India who are providing the best offers and deals with their hosting plans. 

Are you willing to start an online business and are you looking for the best web hosting services in India, then our article will surely help to find the best web hosting provider for you to start your own online business from now. 

Here some of our Top Picks

Very high speed, very high uptime, 24/7 support, helpline or customer support, amazing key features are available, this is the all in all amazing deal. 

Best Overall – WPX

Most friendly budget without compromising on any features. 

Best Budget – MilesWeb 

Very high speed of them all and lightning speed for page loading

Best Speed and Performance – WPX 

Live chat, email support, and even WhatsApp support for 24/7 and 365 days availability for calls. 

Best Service – Domain Racer

Claims to have a 100% up-time in a fraction of seconds. 

Best Up-time – Hostwinds

Before you head up to any web hosting provider make sure you must and should aware of these important points. Let’s see what are those important points before going to work with any of the web hosting providers. 

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Key Important points for Good Hosting

When you are going to buy any web host, you are buying server storage that is the place you can upload your files and store all the website-related stuff. 

  1. Cost-Effective Pricing – You make ensure don’t spend a lot on website hosting and other related services. 
  2. High Website Uptime – Users can access your website 24 by 7 and across 365 days in a year. 
  3. Good Customer Support – They can respond to any technical and non-technical issues or complaints that you have. 
  4. High Website Speed and Performance – Hosting can improve your incoming traffic and engagement. 

Above mentioned key points should be in mind before going to pick the web hosting, so do your groundwork to find out that the web hosting provider was providing all the above-mentioned points. 

As per the below-mentioned points based on we picked the best hosting providers in India. 

  • Cost
  • Customer Support
  • Uptime
  • Features
  • Speed

Let’s start and have a look at the 5 best web hosts which are currently in lead and top positions hosting services in India. 

1 – Big Rock 

Find out the best prices from BigRock – Click Here for the best plans. 

Coming to the BigRock hosting provider, it is one of the biggest hosting brands in India currently and ranking in top-posting. Overall six million website domains are working with the BigRock then you can imagine how much big web hosting it is. 

It overs high speed, excellent optimum speed and security to the websites. Its network of efficient data centers across India. 

Some key points about BigRock

  • Uptime – 99.9%
  • Average Speed – 190 ms (globally), 106 ms (India-wide)
  • Average Page Loading Time – 0.74 Sec’s
  • Main Features – 20 GB HDD Space, 100 GB data transfer, support for 1 website, email services, website monitoring, website backups, over 300 single click apps, built-in Cpanel 
  • Cost & Pricing – Very affordable price and ranging from 99 rs to 149 rs per month.

Have a Look at Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Decent page loading speed
  • The fastest network of data centers in India
  • A good set of advanced hosting-related features
  • Amongst the cheapest web hosting services in India. 
  • No Implementation of PHP7 and SSD technologies
  • No support of SSL-certified websites. 
  • Unsuitable for an international client due to low speed. 

2- Hostinger

Check out the awesome price and plans of Hostinger – Click Here 

It is the web host and suited for any type of website. Hostinger is another best web hosting service provider in India which have huge data centers in India and across the globe. It is very fast speed, cost-effective, and good support. 

Some key points about Hostinger

  • Uptime – 99.9%
  • Average Speed – 176ms (globally), 99ms (India-wide)
  • Average Page Loading Time – 0.55 Sec’s
  • Main Features – 20 GB HDD Space, free domain registrations, unlimited bandwidth, LiteSpeed caching for fast content delivery, integration with Cloudflare CDN, and GitHub
  • Cost & Pricing – Very affordable price and ranging from 59 rs to 219 rs per month.
  • Customer Support – Lively customer support, live chat-based support, and interactions in native languages. 

Have a Look at Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Free Access to Zyro tool for website building
  • Consistent speeds across all international areas
  • Free Domain name on every account
  • Lack of advanced hosting features
  • Website backups included only in advanced plans. 

3 – Bluehost

Requesting to have a look on the best deals at Bluehost – Visit Here 

Since 2003, Bluehost was working on web hosting providers and it is one of the leading names in the website hosting market world. 

It is very popular in India and has become the most preferred choice for many business brands.

All Bluehost data centers are based out of India.

Some key points about Bluehost

  • Uptime – 99.9%
  • Average Speed – 154ms (globally), 330ms (India-wide)
  • Average Page Loading Time – 0.98 Sec’s
  • Main Features – 50 GB HDD Space, unlimited data transfer, 1 free domain, free office 365 mailbox for 30 days, spam protection, SSL certification.
  • Cost & Pricing – Very affordable price and ranging from 199 rs to 366 rs per month.
  • Customer Support – Poor and unreliable in India

Have a Look at Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Easy customization and scalability
  • A popular choice among bloggers and affiliate marketers
  • Fastest website speed in India
  • Good and consistent network coverage across the globe
  • Offers both windows and linux hosting
  • Expensive plans
  • Under-par customer support. 

4 – MilesWeb

Look out the awesome prices and offers at MilesWeb – Click here 

It is mostly India based web hosting provider, MilesWeb is a very good and reliable web host for first-time website owners and it very suitable for e-commerce retailers. 

Data centers are available in India, US, and the United Kingdom.

It is available on both Windows and Linux platforms. 

This platform offers a variety of hosting solutions and having dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS also. 

Some key points about MilesWeb

  • Uptime – 99.9%
  • Average Page Loading Time – 0.99 Sec’s
  • Main Features – Unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certification, firewall protection for hosting websites, eCommerce-specific
  • Cost & Pricing – Very affordable price and ranging from 40 rs to 170 rs per month.
  • Customer Support – 24/7 support

Have a Look at Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Configured for WordPress Websites
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Complete range of web hosting solutions. 
  • Expensive to renew
  • Unlimited Websites offers only in advanced plans. 

5 – GreenGeeks

Well, very affordable prices and plans are out from GreenGeeks – Check Out Here 

It is not India based web hosting company, the company is located in California. 

GreenGeeks is a very friendly web hosting company. They have a network of energy-efficient data centers which are based in the US, Canada, and Amsterdam. 

It offers excellent website speeds across the globe. 

Some key points about GreenGeeks

  • Uptime – 99.5%
  • Average Page Loading Time – 0.60 Sec’s
  • Average Speed – 119 ms (globally), 208 ms (India-wide)
  • Main Features – 300% energy efficiency, SSD storage on all offered plans, optimized LiteSpeed technology, Linux and cPanel support, PowerCacher caching technology. 
  • Cost & Pricing – Very affordable price and ranging from 259 rs to 888 rs per month.
  • Customer Support – 24/7 and 365 support

Have a Look at Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free backups
  • Free CDN integration
  • Free SSL certification
  • Unlimited websites, databases, and data transfers
  • No data centres in India


To summarise, these are the top 5 web hosting service providers in India and these are leading companies as well. 

If you have any doubts you can check out the reviews about these websites and do your groundwork and get a good amount of knowledge about how the company was offering the services. 

Above mentioned key points are very important before going to buying any hosting service across the globe, so keep those points in mind and start your business. 


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