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If you are looking for the best e-commerce solutions then you are at the right place to get complete information about awesome e-commerce solutions.

Compare to different brands, e-commerce brings a lot of success and there is no doubt about it. As per today’s market competition, it’s very hard to grow in this market as it is very saturated. To get good growth in the e-commerce business side, users need a platform that provides the best solutions that help you grow your e-commerce business.

By using e-commerce platform solutions can easily increase business growth through reliable e-commerce solutions. So, we are going to discuss one of the topmost e-commerce solutions name called SmartStore.

We are going to provide the complete information of all features that SmartStore brings to the table. By checking the provided information, you can easily determine whether you should go with the SmartStore or not.

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SmartStore is a pioneer in developing some of the leading e-commerce solutions and it was founded in 1999. SmartStore is one of the best e-commerce solutions in the current e-commerce business market. If you are one of them who’s looking for the top e-commerce solutions platform in the market, then we can suggest you go with the SmartStore e-commerce solutions.

One of the important notes is, it is an open-source platform and it is available at which provides and not only e-commerce solutions. In addition provides B2B, B2C, and enterprise solutions.

SmartStore solutions provide are well suitable for all types of businesses. It doesn’t matter either big business or small business. With the help of SmartStore, users very easily tackle all current and future challenges in an effortless way.

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The most important appeal of SmartStore is, it provides a very easy-to-use administration. The main feature of SmartStore is, users can rapidly increase their growth rate with the help of SmartStore.

SmartStore has a special built-in architecture feature that offers a lot of flexibility. If you are looking for a particular e-commerce solution platform then keeping in mind scalability and performance. SmartStore is the best option for them to go with it and make their business at a good growth rate.

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Usability & Design

A very interesting about SmartStore is that allows the users to create engaging content with a single click and it is one of the best things about SmartStore. Very user-friendly system with an intuitive interface when it comes to customizable design with hundreds of different variables.

It is a simple and very easy way to control everything through mobile or desktop because of the design. It has modern look do check out here –

  • Mega Menu
  • CMS Page Builder
  • Intuitive & Responsive Backend

Friendly E-Commerce

Through mobile, it is damn easy to do e-commerce operations. The basic thing is to download, install, and set up, or use it as PaaS on Azure. Go to this URL –

Once you have it on your PC, you are very good to go with it. Very easy to use and very adaptable as well.

Users can get the best scalability and awesome performance with this platform. Some excellent and smart marketing tools are available which e-commerce has become super simple and easy.


When we are doing online shopping, the security is a major factor. So, keeping this point, SmartStore will provide online security as well. SmartStore have different online security measure implementations to keep users data safe at all time.

To SmartStore, the online security issue isn’t an matter when working with it. Go with this URL for more information –

  • Data Encryption
  • SSL Support
  • Geo Blocker


  • E-mail Templates
  • Widgets
  • Pages & Menu Builder

Most of the online users wanted to manager their content on a single platform, then if you are one of them, we are suggest to go with the SmartStore platform and it provides you with a top-of-the-line CMS System as well.

CMS System is very easy to use and provides clear content management. Even the page builder also very easy to use like having drag and drop options.

Users can create different menus with their own content and pages using the menu builder by the providing smart features in SmartStore.

Bring more awareness about SmartStore page builder do check out at here –


The designing ideas more extensive in SmartStore with its plug-and-play architecture. Users can easily grow their business more effectively. It is can be molded to meet any requirements and very flexible platform.

SmartStore will provides most adaptive nature according to your business needs, go with this given URL to find out the plugins overview –

  • Restful Web API
  • Shopping Portals
  • Data Import and Export
  • Connection with External Systems


SmartStore provides advances concepts of SEO and provides you to approach basic concepts of SEO in every area. Most advanced tools of SEO will help to be more visible in search engines.

It is very powerful tool as everyone can use so easily to search for your page through search engines. Do check out the increasing ranking with SmartStore SEO by clicking this link –

  • Talking URL’s
  • Rich Snippets
  • Meta & Canonical Tags


The biggest advantage of SmartStore is to create multiple shops at a time by using a single database. By this feature, users can easily operate B2C & B2B shops and another brand with its own unique style and design. Through the help of SmartStore feature, you can make more money. Visit this link –

  • Intuitive Adminstration
  • Cost Saving

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SmartStore is used on latest Microsoft Technologies and it gives it’s best on every time why because the Microsoft services are world class. SmartStore is open-source platform which works based up on the tech supported by Microsoft. Due to this open-source architecture, there are many advanced developer tools available.

  • Microsoft technology stack
  • Open source
  • Best frontend
  • High quality code
  • Message template
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Powerful theme engine


Some many awesome services are offered by SmartStore, we are listing out them in the below section.

First Time Installation

It allows all users to save their time and money by providing First Time Installation in a very easy way. It is one click installation.

Basic Setup

It is very easy to setup the basic required things which provided by SmartStore, once the basic setup is done, users are very good to go.

Server Setup

The best part of the SmartStore is, the team will install and set up the server things with the required software which is very needed to run the SmartStore on the server side. It is so easy to setup the server by using SmartStore.

Auto Backup

When it comes server issues and website shutdown issues its important to take the data backup on daily basis, in case if any issue occur that we can easily do the restore the last backup version, so its important to have the Auto Backup option. The SmartStore will provide best auto backup options in simple manner to use.


A set of webinar videos are available to start your shop by using the SmartStore platform in a smart and fast way. The webinar’s speaks mostly about designing sections.


SmartStore is provides to users can do customization their platform as per their needs. If you have an idea in your mind and you want to implement. It is easy to do with the help of functions and extensions of SmartStore.


SmartStore is gives more benefits compares to other platforms, we have listed down the benefits

  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Customizability
  • Best Security
  • Beginner friendly
  • Cost saving
  • Setup multiple shops
  • Data backups
  • High coding quality


The most drawback of SmartStore doesn’t support the payment system to the local currencies of few countries.

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Coming to the SmartStore prices are very reasonable compare to with the other platforms.

Actually starting pricing of SmartStore is $1490.

  • Premium – $4990
  • Professional – $1990
  • Community – Free

SmartStore company offers free trial to the new users that their can determine to use the SmartStore or not. The complete payments of SmartStore is one-time approach.


As per our observation, SmartStore is the best place to manage the complete e-commerce without of any struggle or effect with the help of provided features and tools of SmartStore. Mostly, it is open-source platform which works on Microsoft technologies and having built-in plug-and-play architecture.

It is very easy customizable platform so, the user can easily manage their requirements. if any problems users have, the SmartStore will help them and give a solution to their problem.

The SmartStore platform is most user-friendly and intuitive, it supports to set up the multiple e-commerce shops at a single place.

I mostly recommended to go with SmartStore, if you are one of them who are looking for the best e-commerce platform to start to your online shop. Kindly requesting to submit your feedback in the below comments.

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