Right Wing Extremists Take Social Media Platform | Celebrate Trump’s Comment

Right Wing Extremists Take Social Media Platform | Celebrate Trump’s stand by comment and Proud Boys and others see support in Trump’s response for getting a question about the white supremacy.

It’s all about Sept 30th 2020, Far right related groups are celebrating on social media platform on Tuesday night after US President Trump was immediately responded to a debate question about the white supremacists. By saying that to the extremist #Proud_Boys a male -only group known for it’s penchant for street violence, It should be “Stand by and stand back.”

On memes, the comments are almost instantly got place or enshrined and including one respecting Trump in one of the Proud Boys signature polo shirts. In another meme showed like an image of Trump’s quote of breaded men carrying some American Flags and where he appearing to prepare for a fight.

On social media many people were identified with the group echoed that language, their saying they were “standing by and standing down.” One well known social media platform account for the group made “Stand back, stand by” part of it’s new logo.

Well as per the Proud Boys, a self described “Western Chauvinist” organization and it is considered as a violent, lslamophobic, transphobic, nationalistic, and misogynistic hate group.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, it is a non-profit organization that it tracks the extremists groups.

Note – #Proud_Boys, #proudboys, Proud Boys are the trending topics of 30th Sept 2020 check for more trending topics.

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