CoinGate Review 2021 – Awesome Blockchain Payments Gateway

CoinGate 2021 Review

Today, the blockchain industry is going very rapidly growing and it is the amongst very fastest-growing industries in the blockchain. In Cryptocurrencies, we want a very secure payment gateway to let you buying, selling, and trading of digital currencies why because there is no Government observation on Cryptocurrencies that’s why all payment gateway companies are looking for the most updated features in mind, the payment environment should be in very safe and secure. The prices should be provided real-time updates.

As per the up trending markets, there are so many payment gateways companies are available in today’s market. The companies should promise to provide you with all of this but very few companies will provide good results.

Coming to the main article matter, today we are going to discuss the safest and secure, advanced feature-proof, and regular updating, but one more thing it does the whole payment process with acceptable fees for trading.

The famous payment gateway company name called CoinGate was the most used payment gateway for Cryptocurrencies trades. It is the best payment gateway channel for digital currencies lovers who were constantly do buying and selling, this is the best platform out in the current market.

CoinGate which have the ability to pay the cryptocurrencies like Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other fifty such currencies. It has the most advanced features like receive statements of payments and also can withdraw the currency with a low percentage fee of 1%. CoinGate doesn’t have any hidden charges that you need to worry about.

In the below section, we are going to reviewing about the most amazing payment gateway channel CoinGate in detail. We will cover the complete features, drawbacks, pricing, and then conclusive sentence

Without any delay, let us start the review of the CoinGate payment gateway.

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It is actually an amazing and fast-growing digital currency digital payment channel in the world. The name is called Coingate. The company was founded in 2014 and itself is Lithuania Registered.


This platform allows both individuals and businesses to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other cryptos of all sizes. In CoinGate, there are around 50 other cryptocurrencies including the famous BTC, XRP, ETH, and LTC with more currencies. The most interesting feature in CoinGate is to do Bitcoin Trading in the market as an individual or an organization owner.

As a customer, you can easily do the registration process and you will get your access via email then you can start to dip into the market where you can buy and sell the products with payments of Bitcoin, and other supported cryptocurrencies.

In CoinGate, users can get multiple payment options to choose from that make CoinGate versatile and feature-proof.  The main problem with digital currencies is somewhat not reliable to deal with them when it comes to the tax or the cutting upfront.

CoinGate will make reliable and user-friendly prices that the company provides so that traders of cryptocurrencies can sell and buy digital currencies with CoinGate without losing much of it.

Nowadays, there is a big fear among people about digital currencies are providing security and a friendly environment that makes users so easy for their use. CoinGate team specifically worked on a secure system and a friendly environment that provides you is not only backed but also has a software implementation that makes everything easy and in your grasp.

CoinGate was rounded well planned about its future with widgets, plugins, and Bitcoin POS. All of these widgets, plugins and Bitcoin POS enables the CoinGate platform to be used mostly for online shopping carts like VirtueMart, Magento, and OpenCart of WooCommerce, etc.

CoinGate platform develops both IOS and Android for shopping experience on mobile with exceptionally fast payments further proceeding to businesses. Most of the users use mobile phones so, the CoinGate team was given a user-friendly environment to use.

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1 – Processing

  • The payment processing services also provide by CoinGate to you.
  • To do payment of services or products, it is most important to have a proper payment procession.
  • CoinGate platform has the best features to track the orders, manage your earning, and accept payments as crypto.
  • The CoinGate system has built-in options for both bricks, online as well as the mortar stores.
  • Some steps include selling of services or products, selecting of CoinGate as payment from the shopper.
  • CoinGate can generate an invoice for this payment
  • Users can earn while selling products or services online.

2 – Purchasing

  • CoinGate offers to you the few best services as a digital trading platform can.
  • It also provides some options like Buy Instantly, effortlessly purchasing cryptocurrencies with your debit card or credit card.
  • The purchased funds will go directly to your wallet which is used to buy the digital currencies.

3 – Directory

  • The amazing thing about CoinGate is, it has a separate merchant directory which was global.
  • The SMD will list the businesses that work on these fifty various digital currencies.
  • The directory works on them and categorizes them, provides rating out of 5
  • This operation will save a lot of time for you to find the perfect one and also gives a professional opinion on the merchant through these ratings.

4 – Selling & Buying

  • CoinGate provides SEPA bank transfer payments for buying and selling your cryptocurrencies.
  • It allows the users to purchase more than fifty various digital currencies from it.
  • Exchanging cryptocurrencies are very easy in CoinGate.
  • The purchases and sales are directly linked to your wallet.

5 – Gift Cards

  • The special feature in CoinGate is Gift Cards which are very essential when you want to make a relation with the other party.
  • Around 1000 gift cards from famous retailers are available.
  • All gift cards will provide to you via email.
  • CoinGate will make an easy way to take gift cards that are effortless when it comes to spending digital currency.
  • Users can select gift cards from various famous places like Amazon, Airbnb, Playstation, Xbox, and more.


The fee structure of CoinGate is very reasonable in terms of its competition. In terms of trading fees, only charging three percent on both buying and selling of orders.

Coming to the top-up fee, it is five percent more when you are using the more convenient way of buying used as a bank card. In the future, whenever you do the trades through SEPA, there is no additional tax on them.

The Phone Payments don’t depend on CoinGate, but the service provider. There are some extra taxes and fees which are on the Phone Payments, so you need to as the carrier or the service provider for these payments. There are different for different providers.

When it comes to the procession of digital currency, the merchant fees are exceptionally low. It charges only one percent on any type of payment. Through SEPA bitcoin, the transfer and payouts are totally free of cost.


The CoinGate platform provides buying options like 20000 USD or Euro via using a debit card or credit card on daily basis. If you choose a monthly basis, the amount goes to 50000 USD or Euro.

Through SEPA or international bank transfer has a limit of 5000 Euro on each purchase along with the registration but these limits can vary based on the scenarios. The registered users can sell around five BTC crypto for Euros.

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  • Buying & Selling
  • Instant Purchase
  • Order Tracking
  • Referral Programs
  • Communication
  • Gift Cards
  • Security


  • Tracking of order
  • Effortless withdrawal
  • Good customer service
  • Simple and secure system
  • Various cryptocurrencies
  • Better tax/fee charges
  • Credit/Debit card acceptance


  • Ask too much documentation for integration services


CoinGate also charges some fees like other payment gateway platforms why because users use their services like;

  • Debit and Credit Card purchase costs around 8%
  • The bank transfer fee is 3%, it is for both selling and buying
  • For all plugins, APL’s PoS, Buttons, and billings the commission fee is 1%
  • Depends on the location and service the balance and alternative methods through mobile.


If you are looking for the most secure, reliable, and user-friendly crypto purchasing and selling payment gateway channel? then CoinGate is one of the best and perfect platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies’ payment gateway channels.

CoinGate is one of the best channels for investors who are looking to trade crypto without making exchange deposits. It provides a separate wallet through which users can hold their digital currencies without any fees. With the help of the additional feature, user can transfer their cryptocurrencies as gift cards.

All the operations and functionalities are very user-friendly that everyone can easily operate the application or website of CoinGate. For buying and selling or transfer or making gift cards of cryptos then CoinGate is the best to use.

Please let us know your feedback about the CoinGate payment gateway platform in the below comments.

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