20+ Best Highest Paying URL Shortener 2021 – Make Money Online 2021

Best Highest Paying URL Shortener

20+ Best Highest Paying URL Shortener 2021 – Earn Money

If are you looking for how to earn money in 2021 online without investing little money? then you are at the right page to get the complete information about how to money with URL shorteners 2021 using the below-mentioned list of websites. Without doing any delay, let’s get started guys.

This article will help you to do some background on Best URL Shortener Paying Website’s 2021 to increase a good income online 2021.

Before getting into the main topic, you must know what and how Url shortener websites work and how to use those websites to earn online money in 2021.

URL Shortener

Most of the young YouTubers and bloggers were using the URL Shortener websites to making money online instantly without getting any approval from google adsense and other ad networks.

URL Shortener Money Earning is one of the best ways to make money online now awards. To make online money on these websites you don’t need any skill especially to do this work only you need to do is, you have to bring the URL that you are using either in your youtube channels or in your websites.

In today’s market, there are hundreds of websites out there that are paying the highest earnings for new beginners even most famous bloggers and YouTubers also use the Shortener URL online earning method. Top highest paying URL shortener companies 2021 which are offering a mind-blowing earning way to you.

Even I am also once a time did some much struggle to make money online but outside there are so many websites are fake and don’t pay our money after reaching the targets, when it coming to the online making money we need to put some much struggle to make a good amount of dollars.

There are many fake and scam websites that don’t pay. That’s why! every new beginner will think that this website will pay the money or not. This is important when you decide to make money online, you need to do some groundwork if you start working with the website that you are going to pick.

I put much time into research to find legit websites that are paying on time and genuine way. At least, I found Top URL Shortener Paying Websites 2021 which are paying on time.

Kindly note, it is passive money for all of you. All you have to do is go with the below-mentioned website and do some groundwork before working with them. After hitting the links which are given below, you have to signup for the URL Shortener website. There you have to submit your main URL and create a short link, then you need to promote that generated URL in your traffic coming sources.

From traffic sources, if your viewers come and hit your short links then you will be get paid for clicking in this way you will get the money. Nowadays, this is the best way to make money with short URLs for both newbies and advanced bies.

Let me know you have social media accounts in the below comment box, if you don’t have please create any social media account that you are most interested to work why because without having any social media platforms, you won’t earn money online with URL Shortener.

Whenever you sharing your videos or articles, convert your main URLs into short links and place them there before you share on social media. If you do like this way, it will enhance your income and it is the best way to double income without any additional work.

For Example – Will take one example like you shared your one shortener URL on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Website, or any other social media network. If you have 10,000 followers, around them if 100 followers click the link you placed, you will get around 100$. This is how you will make extra money with help of URL shorteners. 

How Short URL Links Works

Advertisers will pay you for displaying their ads on the links you placed likewise this will work. Let’s consider one example, you added one short link and placed it in your youtube video and also shared it on your Facebook.

If someone clicks on your video and link on your short link. There will land on one page, there have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds to watch the advertiser’s ads before that their need to verify as not a robot. After completing the 10 seconds, the user will get the continue or skip button link, once they click their land on your main URL.

Payout Gets From URL Shortener

The method that URL Shortener websites use and pay in terms of CPM, varies rate per impressions or clicks. Paying rates vary from company to company because it completely depends upon the short link companies.  Below mentioned companies will be paying an average of between $5 to $50 per 1000 views.

Top Highest Paying URL Shortener 2021

After some much research, I found the top 20 highest paying URL Shorteners and will boost your earning in upcoming years in 2021, 2022, 2022, and 2023. Let’s see the 20+ top Url Shortener websites.

  1. LinkSpy.cc
  2. Linkvertise.net
  3. Adf.ly
  4. Shorte.st
  5. bc.VC
  6. Ouo.ic
  7. LinkTL
  8. Clicksfly.com
  9. Shortzon
  10. linksop.com
  11. Shirnkearn.com
  12. Linkbucks.com
  13. Al.ly
  14. Oke.io
  15. PowClick
  16. MiniURL.io
  17. GPlinks
  18. Linksmedia.co

I have filtered out Top 10 Highest Paying Url Shortener Websites to money making online 2021 in an effective way. These mentioned websites will be helpful to you to get the information on which one is the best URL shortener website to work on and make online money in 2021. Kindly requesting to have a look at this.

1. LinkSpy.cc – URl Shortener Extra Income Online

Coming to the LinkSpy.cc, it is not only a URL shortener. This website acts as a Ad Server from Url Shorteners that allows the multi-users can use multiple shorteners at a time. The LinkSpy were rotating the coming traffic in between the URL Shorteners to increase your money and more paid views.

Create an account in LinkSpy.cc and create few shortener URLs and use them in your videos and blogs. Use LinkSpy’s tool to know more about your revenue and incoming traffic very easily. There is an option where you can your short links manually or else you can generate a full-page script as well.

The outcome of that is a significant traffic increase, you will get more views and as the result of that will increase of earnings.

Details about commission

  • Payment Methods – All online payments
  • Minimum Payout – 6$


2. Linkvertise.net – Top High Paying URL Shortener 2021

Linkvertise.net company was started in 2019 January by Marc Aural Winter. Now it is one of the famous platforms which enable double income to workers who are working on their website. You can easily make a short link in Linkvertise.net. Moreover, 200 countries peoples are using the Linkvertise.net website and drive huge amount of traffic from them and providing valuable support to the customers.

The main advantage of the Linkvertise is they never do delay payments unlike to other Url shorteners websites.

Coming to the Linvertise website, it provides the best features to workers to make the Links Shorterening in a effective way. It has the highest payout rate in the current market. Per 1000 views, you will earn up to 70$ no other website offers this much payouts to the workers.

Linkvertise also offers features like quick payments, referral programs, a performance reporting system, and quick support, etc..

Referral Program – Linkvertise.net website pays 5% commission on each user that joins in your network via provided links by you.

Details of Commission –

  • Referral Commission – 5% commission in your referral’s income
  • Payment Methods – Payoneer, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Minimum Payout amount – 10$

   Linkvertise.net – SIGN UP

3. Adf.ly – Url Shortener High Paying Website

Adf.ly was the well-known URL shortener company that most of the Indian YouTubers use a lot. It is the most viewed website by traffic. Unlike other websites, you can also earn along with your links to converting them into ADF.LY shortener links and placing them in your videos.

Making money with Adf.ly isn’t so easy, initial you have put some efforts to earn online money with the Adf.ly website. After a certain time, Adf.ly will boost your income into double which helps you to grow financially.

If you have a website or a blog, you can place referral links in your sites, you can more revenue with Adf.ly referral program.

Before going to working with Adf.ly, please do some research and work with this website.

Detail of Commission –

  • Referral  Commission – 20% commission in your referral earnings
  • Payment Methods – Payoneer and PayPal
  • Minimum Payout – 5$

   Adf.ly – SIGN UP

4. Shorte.st – Top Payout URL Shortener Website Earning

Well, coming to the Shorte.se website, it has more than 10L people are engaged with the Shorte.st website. About 1,945,975,395 links are shortened in this website. It is also one of the old webstie which was competitor to Adf.ly website.

Registered folks can earn a tremendous amount money every month wih Shorte.st website. With the referral program of Shorte.st Short Link Website, you can make more money compare with other webistes.

If you have a own website and if your website getting lakhs of views then you have to immediately join with Shorte.st Shortener Url Website to multiple your earnings with this short.st website.

You can shear the url events on social sites as well like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc, convert into income source by the shorte.st urls.

The dashboard of Shorte.st website is very friendly, you can have a quick look at your shortener urls performance in reporting tab. You can get the business boosting techniques as well on sideways. With the help of API utilize, you can shorten your url in advance way.

Details of Commission –

  • Referral Commission – 20% commission on your referral earnings
  • Payment methods – PayPal, Payoneer, Account Transfer, WebMoney.
  • Minimum Payout – 5$

  Shorte.st – SIGN UP

5. bc.VC – High Paying Shortener Url

If you are looking any website without have captcha system then you can switch to the bc.vc website for that why because bc.vc shortener url website won’t allow any user need to click on the captchas.

The BC.VC website is also one of the best and high payout Url Shortener website in current online earning online market without captcha. This is one of the very advanced Url Shortener website to earn money on the internet.

Do you know this, Alexa gave 1839 rating in alexa ranks.

BC.VC offers advanced tools to the user, once your register and if you submitted your website in bc.vc then they scan your website whether website have any virus, bug or malware safe. then only the bc.vc team will approve your application.

Coming to the referral program, bc.vc referral programe also one of the best referral earning money system and offers best income.

With their easy and simple reporting interface, you can easily track each and every visitors who are coming via your links.

Details of Commission –

  • Referral Commission – 20% commission in your referral earnings
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Minimum Payout – 10$

  bc.VC – SIGN UP

6. Ouo.io – Best Earn Money Online Way With Short Link

Well, ouo.io is the leading url shortener website in current market. and it is the best and simple approach to increase your profits on internet.

It offers amazing tooks like mass shrinker and quick link where you can shorten links and earn profits with short links. Important thing is, when someone click on your url, then you will be paid.

Earning money online on internet isn’t so simple nowadays but with the ouo.io website you go with the referral program services to increase your earning with shorten links.

You can invite your friends or colleagues and other peoples in your social media family, you need to promote the urls to your targetted traffice then you income will automatically grows with Ouo.io website

Check out the below button, click on it and sign up with the website.

Details of Commission

  • Referral Commission – 20% commission on your referral income
  • Payment Methods – Payaza, Payeer, Payoneer, PayPal
  • Minimum Payout – 5$

  Ouo.io – SIGN UP

7. LinkTL – Best High Paying Url Shortener 2021

The main branch of the LinkTL is in Turkey. It is one of the most lucrative Shortener URL Website nowadays that’s I pick it and added into the top list.

If your put extra efforts in linktl, you can get extra cash in your prockets for sure. This is the right place to grap extra income via shortener urls.

LinkTL is not only a url shortener website, it offers the ads to place them in our website as well my friends. It’s the best monetizing websites.

LinkTL referral program offers more earning compare with other url shortener earning website. It offers 40% commission on your referral earnings.

If you are looking for extra money way then you have to join with the LinkTL website without doing any delay.

Details of Commission

  • Referral Commission – 40% commission on your referral earnings
  • Payment Methods – Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payoneer.
  • Minimum Payout – 5$

   LinkTL – SIGN UP

8. Clicksfly.com – India’s Highest Paying URL Shortener

Clicksfly is one of the best high paying url shortener websites in india for indian traffic. The main adventage is in Clicksfly website is, Indian can withdraw their money via Paytm. So this is one of the best thing to Indian’s not only in India, it is also available in Paksitan as well.

The best part of the Clicksfly.com website is, it is squeezes non-adult links to thier viewers. It would be quite soothing to hear there are no annoying advertisements seen on their site.

There are two ways to earn money via clicksfly.com, one way is shorten your links via clicksfly website and share them into your source of traffic coming. The second way is referral program. You can earn a good amount of income with clicksfly referral program.

Mainly it is the anti-scam site for viewers, so you no need to worry about your payments and links. You can withdraw with your money on anytime.

Details of Commission

  • Referral Commission – 20% commission on your referral earnings
  • Payment Methods – Bitcoin, Payeer, Mobicash, PayPal, Paytm
  • Minimum Payout – 3$

  Clicksfly.com – SIGN UP

9. Shortzon – 2021 Highest Paying URL Shortener

Coming to the shortzon, it is an Indian Url Shortener Website and it is also one of the best high paying shortener urls websites in India.

If you getting traffic from USA and UK then you will get 13$ for 1000 views in Shortzon website this is the one of the key thing in this website to make money in massive way.

For Asian countries, they will pay around of 4$ for 1000 views and it is paying good amount of money with viewers both asian traffic and USA traffic, if your major traffic is coming from USA, then you can earn more money here.

This is one of the best urls shortener website in Asia.

Coming to the payouts, you can withdraw your money on any time but it has one draw back is, you can’t share the links in Facebook platform I don’t know the extact reason but Shortzon links won’t work in Facebook website.

However, you can boost your income via other social platforms like youtube channel, telegram and others

It has 24/7 support team available to assist you on any time.

Details of Commission

  • Referral Commission – 20% commission on your referral earnings
  • Payment Methods – Paytm, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer.
  • Minimum Payout – 3$

  Shortzon – SIGN UP

10. Linksop.com – Earn Money with Shorten Links

If you are looking for a smart to increase your online income, then you have to switch with linksop.com website for smart earning in online.

D short links, share the links in your traffic source coming platform and when clicks arise, you will get a handful of amount via linksop.com shortener url website.

It have chances to earn around 25$ on 1000 views if you have a gaming website or gaming channel on any social media why because of linksop mostly works with the gaming companies.

24/7 support is available to all registered folks on ground. If you are interested to join with the linksop then click on the below mentioned link to make more online income.

Details of commission –

  • Referral Commission – Depends up on the traffice you get.
  • Payment Method – Paytm, PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer.
  • Minimum Payout – 5$

  Linksop.com – SIGN UP

11. Shirnkearn.com – Most Used Url Shortener Website

It has good rank in alexa, it offers good amout to their cilents to go in a profitable way.

Shirnkearn have both ways in desktop and mobile, so you can boost your earning in both ways

Just shorten your links and share in your social media platforms and clicks comes, you will get good amount of money.

It is accessible worldwide from any place, everywhere.

You will get 20$ per 100 view in shirnkearn website and it is a good way to earn online money with the help of shortener urls.

Details of Commission

  • Referral Commission – 20% commission on your referral income
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Payoneer
  • Minimum Payout – 10$

  Shirnkearn.com – SIGN UP

Other Best URL Shortener Websites

Linkbucks.com – Sign up

Al.ly – Sign up

Oke.io – Sign up

PowClick – Sign up

MiniURL.io – Sign up

GPLinks – Sign up

Linksfire.co – Sign up

Is Url Shortener Links To Make Money Recommended

Even google also offereing the free url shorteners, which means you can use the them very safely on your social media platforms to make money and earn money online. Yes, I will recommend you to use the short links if you are beginners to the online money making thing. After getting good amount of traffic, better to switch with ad networks to gain more money in online.

The easy and the best way to earn money with Shortener url, share the links via social media, on your websites, and your blogs. Now it’s time to join with URL shortener networks I have given top 10 Url Shortener websites. I filters the best and top 10 sites to make money in online.

As per the groundwork, I have given the honest and trusted websites in the above which might be help you to find the best company. On top of that, you do your ground work as well. Hoping this 20+ Best Highest Paying URL Shortener 2021 – Make Money Online 2021 was useful to you.

Let us know your experience after working with these legit websites. If you have bad experience please kindly share with us. 

The most important thing is, this article is for information sack. If you have queries let us know in the comment box. 

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